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BEAMeeting at Weizmann (Israel)

Time:               December 3rd (full day) & December 4th (half day)

Like in past year, Weizmann has taken initiative to organize (with contribution of GenISys) a purely technical workshop to discuss advanced e-beam lithography and share experiences within the Israeli e-beam lithography community. The overall program is being finalized but topics will range from:

  • Process Calibration and Correction
  • Exposure optimization (fracturing, field positioning/ordering, exposure order within the field)
  • SEM metrology Software using ProSem
  • BEAMER for laser writer and optical lithography
  • Users presentations

Time:               December 3rd (full day) & December 4th (half day)

Place:             Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, meeting room will to be announced