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Oct. 2014 Heidelberg Instruments GmbH  GenISys announce a Cooperation Agreement to combine the data-preparation, simulation and process correction software packages BEAMERTM and LABTM with the HIMT laser lithography tools

Sept. 2013 GenISys released TRACERTM including a newly developed fast and accurate Monte Carlo simulation kernel, combined with an easy to use and powerful interface to visualize, analyze, optimize and archive PSFs for BEAMER and LAB 
Febr 2012 SUSS MicroTec and GenISys announce a Cooperation Agreement to combine the SUSS MicroTec mask aligner tools with the GenISys simulation softwareLayout LAB.  
Dec 2009 Cooperation agreement for integration of Juspertor’s Layout Editor into Layout BEAMER and Layout LAB, and distribution of stand-alone Layout Editor  genisys
Sep 2009 GenISys joins the EBEAM INITIATIVE roster to accelerate the adoption of design for e-beam technology genisys
Dec 2007 Cooperation and licensing agreement with Fraunhofer IISB on advanced 3D resist simulation for e-beam and optical mask-aligner lithography genisys
Jul 2007: Establishment of GenISys USA office in Los Gatos-CA, for serving the North-American market. genisys
Apr 2007: Establishment of GenISys Japan office in Tokyo, for serving the Asian market. genisys
Jan 2007: Cooperation agreement with leading MEMS equipment manufacturer EVGroup on development and sales of Layout LAB . genisys
Dec 2006: Release of the MEMS process simulation platform Layout LAB, dedicated to mask aligner lithography processes. genisys
Aug 2006: Agreement with USA based aBeam Technologies on the distribution of aBeam products in Europe by GenISys and GenISys products in USA by aBeam. genisys
Jun 2006: Agreement with USA based Panoramic Technologies for the exclusive distribution of advanced optical lithography simulation software in Europe by GenISys. genisys
Jan 2006: Release of Layout BEAMER, a dedicated solution for data preparation and proximity effect correction for e-beam direct write genisys
Jun 2005: OEM agreement with Carl Zeiss on the integration of Layout ENGINE in the mask repair system Merit and in a wafer inspection system of a leading European equipment supplier. genisys
May 2005: Release of the first Product Layout ENGINE, a high performance layout processing software tool-box for the integration in end user equipment or software. genisys
2005: Company Establishment of GenISys by Uli Hofmann.