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HTLI  and GenISys Announce Cooperation for India

Taufkirchen, Germany, August 28, 2017 -  HTLco India Pvt. Ltd. (HTLI), supplier of a wide range of materials, machineries, and equipment, and software for lithography and nanofabrication in the territory of India and GenISys GmbH, a provider of high performance software solution for lithography, signed a Distribution & Cooperation agreement to offer GenISys products to customer in India.

Within the scope of the agreement, HTLI will actively promote GenISys end user products

  • BEAMER,  a data-preparation and process correction (e.g. PEC) software for e-beam and laser exposure in mask and direct write application,
  • TRACER, a Monte Carlo software for computing the point spread function for electron beam lithography
  • LAB, 3D lithography simulation software for stepper, mask-aligner, laser exposure and e-beam lithography system including 3D resist development simulation
  • ProSEM, a SEM image analysis and metrology software

and related services in the region of India.


 About GenISys

Based in Munich (Germany), with offices in Tokyo (Japan), and California (USA), GenISys develops, markets and supports flexible, high-performance software solutions for the optimization of micro- and nano-fabrication processes. Addressing the market for lithography and inspection, GenISys combines deep technical expertise in layout data processing, process modeling, correction and optimization with high caliber software engineering and a focus on ease of use. GenISys products give researchers, manufacturers, and system suppliers unparalleled efficiency, ease of use and optimal value in research, development, and production of future nano-patterning technologies. As a company focused on customer service, GenISys delivers fast, highly dedicated support for the application and development of the functionality needed to meet demanding customer requirements.

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About HTLI

HTL India is a wholly owned subsidiary  of HTL Japan & specializes in Semiconductor, Flat panel display, 3D additive manufacturing equipment technology. It also does Software development, sales of software products, Maintenance service & application support. HTL's experience in lithography and mask technology is recognized & valued by customers worldwide. GenISys products are critical for the growth of HTLI portfolio & value addition for our customers.