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OPC for Mask Aligner


Mask aligner lithography simulation is pushed to its limits in more and more application (LED, Flat Panel Dispaly, MEMS, 3D packaging). The use of OPC technologies such as layout dependent biasing, OPC features (e.g. serifs for corners, hammerheads for line ends, sub-resolution features at edges) or arbitrary change of layouts are needed to extend those limits. These techniques, which are already well known in projection lithography, can also be used to enhance proximity printing. 


LAB is offering the desired simulation platform for mask aligner lithography. The intensity image and resist image are simulated fast and with high accuracy. The use of layout operations such as biasing, shifting, boolean operations makes it easy to modify the layout and optimize shape, size and position of OPC features. The integrated layout editor allows the semi-automated optimization of the layout for the best match of the lithography result to the intended design. Changing different parameters in automated ways allows the simulation of hundreds of different conditions in hours or even in minutes. The strong visualization of matrix views makes it easy to select the best condition.