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Ultrafast tool to inspect and compare layouts.

VIEWER is an ideal, ultrafast tool to inspect and compare layouts, that is included in BEAMER. On the input side, all major layouts (GDSII, OASIS, CIF, DXF) plus electron- and laser-beam machine formats are supported. Multiple layout files can be loaded to visualize them overlaid. The user has a multitude of viewing options and capabilities. VIEWER is also available as a stand-alone software package.

VIEWER Features

  • Extensive color management (user defined palette, transparency and overlay colors, and mapping of colors to layers / datatypes, doses, cells, layouts)
  • Hierarchy support (view of the hierarchy tree, selection of cells / layers to be displayed, drawing of features down to a user specified hierarchy depth)
  • Metrology support (measure, pick, various snapping options such as snap to edge, snap to corner, snap orthogonal)
  • Script generation for automation of metrology equipment and visualization of metrology results added into the layout
  • For electron-beam machine formats view deflection fields, beam shots, writing order, and stage traversal order
Comprehensive Information (PDF)


VIEWER user interface

Field and write order visualization in VIEWER